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The Licking County Family YMCA turned 140 this year!  As part of the celebration, the Y is offering a $1.40 joiners fee for the rest of the year!  Stop by Y Newark or Y Western to take advantage of this amazing offer! 

As a part of Licking County since 1876, the Y believes that lasting personal and social change can only come about when we all work together to invest in our kids, our health and our community. The Y is, and always will be, focused on youth development, healthy living, and social responsibility.


The Licking County Family YMCA is Licking County’s premier volunteer organization. YMCA members come from all walks of life, with different ethnic and religious backgrounds, yet they all have a common goal, to enhance our community.

We help each other strive toward developing a strong self-image, confidence, fair play, and a purpose to value others. YMCA activities and programs enhance family relationships, value local community participation, and improve physical and mental fitness.

470 W. Church St.
Newark, OH 43055



The Y movement is for youth development, healthy living and social responsibility. We want to encourage members to utilize the Y as often as they can. Sometimes, it’s more convenient for members to utilize a Y in a different location when traveling, near a workplace or in another region. Click below to find out more information.

State of Ohio YMCA Reciprocity Program


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Program Objectives




The Licking County Family YMCA seeks to help persons of all races and creeds to:

  • develop self-confidence, self-respect and an appreciation of their own worth as individuals;
  • develop Christian values based on caring, honesty, respect, and responsibility;
  • grow as a responsible member of our community;
  • appreciate that a healthy mind and body is a sacred gift and that physical fitness and mental well-being are conditions to be achieved and maintained;
  • recognize the worth of all persons and work towards universal understanding;
  • develop a capacity for leadership and learn to use it responsibly;
  • appreciate the beauty, diversity, and interdependence of all forms of life.

YMCA MISSION: To put Christian principles into practice through programs that build healthy spirit, mind and body for all.

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